Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP) Certification Clinics

Please Bring With You:

  • Valid photo ID with current mailing address. If the address on the license and the address on the application are different, with the exception of PO Boxes, you WILL receive a denial letter.
  • Valid photo ID of intended caregiver (if applicable).
  • Also include the medical marijuana cards (expired or not) of both you and your caregiver (if applicable).
  • Medical documentation | Any form, summary, prescription, or recommendation that informs the doctor and/or clinic what condition you are seeking certification for. 
  • Download, print, and fill out any necessary forms.

Additional Information:

We do certifications on a clinic-based schedule. We do 2 clinics a month and you can find the dates below or follow us on social media for all futures dates. These dates are subject to the schedule of our doctor and do change so feel free to reach out with any questions.

The cost to see our doctor, as well as all other services included, is $140 per certification, $125 for Veterans, seniors over the age of 65 and those on disability.

The State of Michigan requires a $40 certification fee to submit your application. To add a caregiver there is no additional fee. The state fee is not due the day of clinic but is to be included via check or money order when you mail the appropriate paperwork to the state.

Change of Name, Change of Address, Add or Remove a Patient, Change of Caregiver and Card Replacement forms are accessible on the State of Michigan LARA website or on our forms page free of charge. Please note state fee’s due at time of submission for each form.

We do not charge any fees should our doctor choose not to certify you.

What to Expect

The certification process at the clinic takes 45 minutes –1 hour on average. This all depends on how busy we are, and how diligent the patient is at filling out forms. 

The turnaround time for your physical card is anywhere from 2-6 weeks after you have mailed out your application. We highly recommend applications are sent via certified mail with return receipt so you are notified when the state receives your application and payment. You are able to pay us the $40 certification and $15 mailing fee on top of your appointment cost for us to handle mailing, but this is not required.

For any additional questions please call us at: (231) 620-1420