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Spring Seed And Water Blessing At Serpent Mound

These seeds are the seeds that will be planted in our gardens, the gardens of this New World of Peace. They are the seeds that we will carry with us for the seeds carry memories and these seeds are the link to life. The seeds are the link for the continuation of all the gifts the Creator sent to Earth Mother to grow and be fruitful, to feed the Animal Nation, 2 legged, winged and creepy crawly. Seeds to flourish as it does energy grows and procreates, manifests, and gives life to the world. It will be these seeds that will be planted by the people , in our gardens then the pollen from the flowers, corn and squash will be carried by the bees and wind all over the world. The power of these seeds are the Power of Creation, the planting of a New World of Peace. Love and Serpent Squeezes.

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